Stay Out, Stay Alive. Changing how America views Mining.

If you have ever come across an old ghost town, abandoned cemetery or the ruins of some old cabins in the back country, they were likely built or supported by mining. Stay Out, Stay Alive, is a private organization dedicated to changing the way that the public views mining and abandoned mines.

For over 40 years, the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service have waged war on the small miner and the mining history that was once prevalent in the western United States. Hiding behind the banner of “Public Safety”, these agencies have destroyed thousands of acres of United States history that built the American west, with the battle cry of "Stay Out, Stay Alive".

They haven't stopped there. With the the advent and backing of the EPA, the BLM and Forest Service donned bulletproof vests, and armed themselves with machine guns and high-caliber sidearms, and with Gestapo-like tactics, they set out into the wild to threaten and intimidate anyone who dares venture onto public land. Unregulated, they answer to no one and they do what they want with no laws or justification. They misinform the public, while pandering to Environmental Terrorists. Their mission is to remove the "scar" of man from all lands across America.

Mining has been beaten, bullied, cursed and made into a four letter word in America. The truth is, ALL of the propaganda is based on lies. Since the 1920s, misinformation about water quality, poisoned earth and sick children, have turned the public against mining. They see it as dangerous, dirty, and something that only stupid and poor people do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Enough is enough.

Here we will showcase that truth and show that mining is the way to America's future. With Stay Out, Stay Alive, we the people, start to take back our public lands and use them as they were designed. For over 200 years, Americans made their living by mining. Miners supported small towns, farms and ranches. By organizing and collaborating, we can start to turn back the environmental giants who have been stealing our public lands a few acres at a time.

So with the utmost sarcasm, we say, Stay Out, Stay Alive. It's past time that Americans got back to their roots.

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