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Mine Safety Training

What is mine safety? How do you operate an underground mine? How can you know if you are following safe practices for underground operations?

These are the unanswerable questions. Active mining operations generally offer training courses to their employees on how to be safe in "active" mines. As we all know, abandoned mines are a bit different than active mines and offer many unique challenges. There is no established training currently for safe underground practices in abandoned mines.

Each year, thousands of people wander into abandoned mines. The fact is that most are fine. There are those unlucky few exceptions where something unexpected is found, and the encounter may result in serious injury or death.

How does an aspiring independent miner get the information and training they need to ensure their future mining operation follows the best and safest practices? This information was previously passed down by one generation of miners to the next in the form of on-the-job training performed by an elder family member, mentor, or employer.

Our teams have over 40 years of hands-on experience specifically in abandoned mines. We will show you how to be as safe as possible and make sure you get home! We are here to show you how to safely navigate and survey abandoned mine sites. Due to wide-ranging variety of hazards and environments, we host training courses in most of the western United States. Each training course includes an optional field trip that emphasizes mining methods and working underground.


Let's be frank, the "Stay Out Stay Alive" rhetoric just doesn't work to keep everyone safe. With the latest government programs prioritizing domestic mining projects and the ever-growing need for minerals, individuals and small groups are going to rehabilitate abandoned mines and work underground. If you are going to work underground, you need to know how to properly do it.


Our mine safety training courses are an exhaustive 2-day experience consisting of in-class coursework, presentations, interactive seminars, and lectures. Topics covered include the pitfalls and dangers you will encounter, the tools and equipments to be used, and the techniques to safely and successfully operate underground. The goal is to make you an expert, not a statistic.

Day 1 - Basics of underground mining structures, terms, and hazards.

Day 2 - Mining equipment, what to use, how to use it, how to read and survey an abandoned mine site.

Day 3 - Optional field trip to a nearby abandoned mining location where you will gain real word experience. A 4WD vehicle is required and will not be provided. This is not a required part of the curriculum.


A minimum number of enrollments must be met for a class to be held. Exact dates and locations will be communicated after enrollment.


Any adults or minors over the age of 14 with parent or guardian present. Unfortunately abandoned mines have hazards and we are unable to provide accommodations for any wheelchair or handicapped access for the Day 3 field trip.


Fill out the pre-registration form and submit. Make your deposit and we will send you more information regarding the class enrollment, location, and date details.

Please not that there is a minimum enrollment required for each course. If the minimum enrollment is not met, all monies for the courses will be refunded.

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