Stay Out Stay Alive

Changing How America Views Mining

If you have ever happened upon the remnants of a collection of cabins, an abandoned cemetery, or even an entire ghost town while hiking in the back country, they were likely built or supported by mining. Stay Out Stay Alive is a private organization and subsidiary of Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. dedicated to changing the way that the American public views mining and abandoned mines.

Mining’s reputation has been tarnished over the years. The truth is that the American West was built by independent miners. Since the 1800s, these intrepid individuals were instrumental in establishing the small towns from the heights of the Rockies all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and the fruits of their labor often developed them into the metropolitan centers that they are today. Mining also allowed farms and ranches struggling through droughts and famines to break even and remain afloat.

For over 200 years, the independent miner has been an integral part of the American story. Today, this history is being destroyed using your taxpayer dollars. Reclamation budgets once slotted only for coal mines are now being used to reclaim hard rock mines. With the reclamation of these historic mining sites, we lose valuable pieces of our history. It is a federal offense to destroy any Native American artifacts and history, so why isn’t this same standard applied to our mining history.

The Stay Out Stay Alive site was built not only to educate you on the destruction of our American West History, but also to teach you what you should do if you are in or around historic mine sites.

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